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Start a Club!

University Club 

Starting a club at a university is a great way to build community involvement. The first steps are to contact us for the information you need. You can start by sending out an advertisement to department listservs with a survey form attached. From there, you can register your organization, obtain recognition, funding, and eventually hold an information session. If you plan to volunteer at a local middle or high school to educate students about international development, feel free to contact us for our lesson plans.


High School Club

High school students are who started this organization. With clubs such as Model United Nations already in place, a service project with an international edge is important to supplement any education. As a high school student, you must contact your administrator to find out the rules governing new student clubs. Also, find a teacher who may be interested in overseeing your club. Once you are approved as a student club, you can contact us for your starter guide.