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University of Pennsylvania Student  Board  



Name: Farrah Alkhaleel
Year: 2014
Major: Biology
Minor: Psychology
Favorite thing about AsOne Global: I love how we are impacting other people's lives and giving them opportunities to help themselves and their communities. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that you have helped others achieve something they always wanted. Educating children about global issues is so important to bettering our society and creating a more socially responsible generation. The women and children we help appreciate everything we do and watching them better their lives is truly inspiring and continues to motivate me.


                           Vice President

Name: Isabelle Avildsen
Year: 2014
Major: Psychology
Favorite thing about AsOne Global: As an organization it helps those globally but additionally allows us to do meaningful service work right here in West Philly.


                      Public Relations Chair

Name: Marcus Mundy 
Year: 2014
Major: International Relations, Modern Middle East Studies
Minor: International Development
Favorite thing about AsOne: Our dedication to local community involvement and representation in our projects. 



Name: Jasmine Cho
Year: 2014
Major: Psychology 
Favorite thing about AsOne: The fact that we make a lasting impact on people locally and globally. It's really great for us because as volunteers, we get to learn more about global health issues while teaching others. 


                           Community Service Chair

Name: Hannah Simon
Year: 2015
Major: Biological Basis of Behavior
Favorite thing about AsOne: I love how we are educating middle-school aged children, who aren't typically exposed to the kinds of issues we deal with, especially in the realm of global health.


                           Fundraising Chair

Name: Ashley Van
Year: 2016
Major: Health and Societies
Favorite thing about AsOne: With a powerful commitment, even the smallest group can make a dynamic and everlasting impact in the most unlikely ways.