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Mission Statement

AsOne Global is dedicated to social impact education around the globe.

By providing better than fair trade value for their crafts, women are able to access health care, medication, and provide other basic needs for their families including clean water, nutritious foods, as well as education for their children. Through our social impact education projects, AsOne Global works to educate students in the United States about Africa, social impact, and the international health crisis. Through our work, we hope to impact younger generations to help others around the world.


Core Values

Education. By providing resources to educate youth around the world, students can open new opportunities for themselves and their families to gain financial resources to support their communities and resolving the many challenges they may face.

Health. AsOne Global is dedicated to providing resources for preventative care and treatment options to women and children living in poverty and suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

Women's Empowerment. To empower women globally by helping them to achieve financial independence and stability.  With financial independence, women can create new jobs and improve both their own lives and the lives of their families and communities.

Service-Learning. Service-learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. By engaging American youth in service-learning, participants can develop important skills that help address the needs, concerns, and hopes of communities.


AsOne Global's main goals, which embody our core values, are the following:

  • To educate youth in the Philadelphia region and beyond about Africa and global health issues in an effort to promote cross-cultural awareness and exchange.
  • To support the development of youth leadership by empowering them with a deeper knowledge of contemporary global issues, thereby creating opportunities for greater academic achievement and civic engagement.


Project Goals

AsOne Global's project development is guided by the following priorities: 

Youth development and initiative.

Youth are encouraged to participate in service-learning projects in order to bridge cultural differences, develop leadership skills within their peer community, and encourage civic engagement in their own communities. Our programming focuses on spreading awareness about contemporary global issues in hopes that the youth will play a more constructive civic role within broader American society.

Service-learning through income generation.

Through our income generation projects, students use what they learn from the classroom to solve real problems. In turn, students build character and become active participants in their school and community.

Individual and community partnerships.

AsOne Global works to foster a collaborative environment by actively engaging with and learning from various community partners and organizations that support our mission and share our core values.