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Penn Literacy Program 2014

Ancient Kingdoms of Africa: Gold-Salt Trade Game

Posted by AsOne Global on April 10, 2014 at 5:30 PM

In today's lesson, students evaluated the way in which geography and location affect daily life and analyzed the problem of scarcity and how it influences the relationships between societies. The class was divided into three Kingdoms: Ghana, Berber, Zimbabwe and, in their roles as traders, gold and salt miners, and tax collectors, they simulated the Gold-Salt Trade that dominated Ancient Western Africa. Students cooperated together to trade their resources with other resources to maintain their kingdoms. They then composed journal entries that contemplated five things in their daily lives that hold the same value to them as gold and salt did for the people engaged in the Gold-Salt Trade.

Students in the Kindom of Ghana collected their taxes in gold and salt from the Kindoms of Zimbabwe and Berber. 

Once divided into groups, students in each kingdom received directions and their resources. After learning about natural barriers from the previous lessons, students were divided into three separate areas of the classroom. The Gold Kindom of Zimbabwe and the Salt Kindom of Berber could only trade their resources in the Kingdom of Ghana because of the natural barrier, the Sahara desert, separating the kingdoms. The Kingdom of Ghana collected taxes in gold and salt from the Kingdoms of Zimbabwe and Berber. 

Penn volunteer, Ashley Van, worked with the Berber Kindom of Salt, to trade salt for horses, cloth, and gold. 

Students trade their resources in the Kingdom of Ghana due to the natural barriers of the Sahara desert separating the Kindoms of Zimbabwe and Berber. 

Categories: After-school African Studies enrichment program at B.B Comegys Elementary School

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