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Penn Literacy Program 2014

Improving research skills: Scribes in Ancient Egypt!

Posted by AsOne Global on March 20, 2014 at 5:30 PM

This lesson required students to consider the importance of writing and accurate record keeping both in ancient Egypt as well as today. The class utilized the internet to research various jobs ancient Egyptians could obtain as a scribe after completing scribal school as well as the impact of each of those positions on ancient Egyptian society. Students then composed journal entries explaining to a friend which job they would choose upon graduating scribal school and why they believed their new position would give them the opportunity to have a positive impact on ancient Egyptian society.

Students follow a tutorial about ancient Egyptian scribes and learn about their roles in ancient Egyptian society. After reading through the tutorial, students research for information to help them write their journal entries. 

Categories: After-school African Studies enrichment program at B.B Comegys Elementary School

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